I have more books than I can read, 
more clothes than I will ever need, 
accessories and shiny things - 
just for the pleasure it all brings -
knick-knacks, gadgets never used, 
but all of it can be excused:
I keep things just in case, you know,
it don't count if it don't show!
Drawers full, cupboards brimming, 
all my spaces need a trimming.
It's the ailment of the modern nation, 
I'm suffering from stuffocation.

© Saraphir Camille Legind October 2022
Spring flows from the ground,
streams from the sky.
All of nature responds
in the blink of an eye.
What was asleep
stirs and is freed;
souls will unfurl,
plant winter's seed.

© Saraphir Camille Legind March 2022
The Fairy Knoll

The crown of trees
swaying on a fairy knoll.
Bluebells in thousands,
and an ancient beetle.
Forgetting the noise of waterfall
and letting peace surround us.
Sinking into the earth.
where life is taking us.
Awareness of your presence
and anticipation.
Wanting to take your hand.

© Saraphir Camille Legind 2005
You Must Enter
In the darkness, in between breaths;
In the gap, full of impending deaths;
In the shadow, following the light;
You must enter.

In the emptiness, waiting to be filled;
In the silence, that cannot be killed;
In the void, where everything is born;
You must enter.

Surrender, to being nothing;
Give up all but the one thing;
One life, One love, One true creation - 
you must enter.

© Saraphir Camille Legind 2005