I Am An Immigrant

I wrote this poem in January 2023. Worldwide immigrants are having a hard time at the moment, especially people from non-western countries. Being Danish I guess I have always been a more ‘acceptable easy to assimilate’ kind of immigrant, as Denmark is a country similar to the UK – and with an even harsher attitude to immigrants than in Britain. I wrote this poem in solidarity with immigrants all over the world, no matter where they have travelled from and to.

I was very pleased that the poem was shared in the February 2023 newsletter of The Danish-Scottish Society. I can’t share that here as it is emailed out to everyone and not online, but I am every pleased that they included my EP on their website alongside other Danish musicians in Scotland.

I am an immigrant.
Uprooted and moved
to a foreign land.
Not for safety or money,
not for love or family;
but because my soul
needed it to become whole.
Needed different soil to grow,
a different language to show
who I am.
A different culture to meet
to draw out sides of me I need,
here I stand.
We are the same
regardless of name
or national claim.
We all share air and life and earth
regardless of place of birth.
Humans can replant.
I am an immigrant - 
an earth inhabitant.
© Saraphir Camille Legind 2023
The Danish Flag. Photo by Saraphir Camille
Helsingoer Castle (Elsinore). Photo by Saraphir Camille