Life Or Lifestyle?

I wrote this poem in October 2022 in the middle of the UK (world-wide really) cost-of-living crisis. While it is affecting everyone in some way, it is clearly affecting some much more than others and my feeling at the time was that if you only have to tighten your belt then you are actually well-off, as there are millions of people who face very difficult choices. Just after I posted it I read this article by Julian Baggini about the rise of the ‘thriftifarians’ – the haves posing as have-nots. It has since been features in KindaBummed Magazine – you can see the post here.

Life or Lifestyle?
Crisis of life or lifestyle crisis?
Are you suffering an acute form
of hypocritis?
Can't afford your two
coffeeshop coffees a day?
Can't afford the weekly fancy takeaway?
Can't afford the mindless,
endless consumerism
that keeps the illusion 
of the economy going?
Well, it's clear it's the system
that needs overthrowing.
People are starving, freezing, dying,
because of choices made by those
who never had to stop and think
if they can afford that pair of shoes.
Others never had the luxury to choose -
except right now: starve or freeze.
But, of course, that's their own fault
because getting better paid work 
is a breeze.
The old, the ill, the disabled;
the poor who had no funds to rise
so they could get a place at the table.
Deemed non-people by so-called leaders,
weak, useless users;
but the only takers are the ones
who rig the system for their own good -
the class of socio-economic abusers.
© Saraphir Camille Legind October 2022
Photo by Saraphir Legind
life or lifestyle?
Photo by Saraphir Legind