Once Again

I wrote this poem/these poems in the spring of 2023, inspired by what was happening in nature around me. The ‘group’ started with one individual poem, ‘The yellowing’ and from there I got inspired to write about the greening and then the blossoming. They can be read individually or as one poem.

The greening begins, it spreads every day, 
covering ground that once just was clay;
springing from branches once naked and bare,
making the world increasingly fair.
Sprouting from darkness, brought forth by the sun.
and - at least for this year - once again, life has won.
The yellowing starts all over again,
like the Earth singing out in sweetest refrain;
joyous that death is again overcome,
by the cycle of life that makes us all one.
Compression in darkness is finally done, 
and - at least for this year - once again, light has won.
The blossom appears where once none was seen,
emerging to dance with the burgeoning green;
sung into life by invisible force,
painting us pictures all pointing to source.
The creative origin from where life has come,
and - at least for this year - once again, love has won.

Poems and photos © Saraphir Camille Legind

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