Tonight is the Night

I grew up in Denmark and in Denmark, as in most European countries, the big Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve. That’s when Danes have their big meal, dance and sing around the Christmas tree, and open presents. So I guess it still felt more natural for me to focus on the night rather than the day – just like the anticipation and build up of something happening can be more precious than its fulfillment.

Tonight Is The Night
Put down your shopping, 
leave wrapping undone,
leave baubles in tissue 
and carols unsung.
Just take a moment
- recall why it’s done:
Tonight is the night,
tonight he has come.
Leave trees in their earth,
let branches be bare;
spare a kind thought
for the fox and the hare.
Turn your mind inwards
- your heart has a prayer:
Tonight is the night,
tonight he was there.
Let’s celebrate all life
and our equal right
to live and to thrive
without having to fight.
Turn away from all fear
- look for the light:
Tonight we can start it,
tonight is the night.
© Saraphir Camille Legind 2022
Photo by Saraphir Camille
Photo by Saraphir Camille