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Saraphir Camille wrote her first poem when she was 10 and her first song when she was 16. She started taking songwriting seriously when in her late 20’s and went on an adventure to London to busk and make contacts. In spite of getting promising feedback, she decided to put the dream aside and followed an alternative path for over 18 years, pursuing other artistic endeavours, including a performance art training, poetry and craft design. During lockdown the dream emerged again and once the sluicegates opened, songs came pouring. Dormant, but obviously not dead. Now it is time to keep it alive!

As a singer-songwriter Saraphir Camille embraces the genres of contemporary & indie folk, with elements of pop, rock and americana – depending on the mood and theme of the song. Protest songs have always been firm favourites, as have lyrics that question commonly held paradigms and peer beneath the surface, whatever the theme. Often called a wordsmith, lyrics and poetry play with words, sounds and themes to uncover hidden depth and discover new meaning. She embraces both the serious and the humourous, with challenging songs about dogma and chauvinism, and cabaret-style songs about duvet-love.

Similarly her poetry spans different styles and moods. During her 20’s she wrote mostly about having a stammer and the gifts and challenges that come with having a different way of speaking that was so stigmatised in society – and still is today. Today she still writes about stammering, but also about many other themes with the same mission as in her song-writing – challenging perceptions and finding hidden meaning.

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saraphir camille

Saraphir Camille

is Danish, but has been living in the UK for over 20 years. She spent most of her childhood on an old small holding turned building site in Denmark – apart from a three-year spell in Lesotho as child. When she was 27 she fell in love with the mountains in the Lake District and decided to move to the UK. After years of moving around for work and study, she has been very happily settled in Edinburgh for over 8 years. She is also a performance artist, movement teacher and crochet designer.


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