The Inner Critic Song

When I first starting songwriting again during lockdown, I discovered a new phenomena that I haven’t encountered for a while: my absolutely ferocious inner critic. I do a host of other creative and entrepeneurial work such as crochet design and sales, creative movement teaching and run my own workshops, but none of these elicit the same aggressive response. Some days it almost felt like an actual attack and it took a lot of strength to not succumb to its toxic negativity. The intention of the inner critic is of course to protect us, and once I dug a bit deeper it became clear that I had copious amounts of fear about my new venture. It became clear to me why I gave up when I first started it 20 years ago: my fear and inner critic overcame the dream. However, I am wiser and more self-aware now than I was then, and was able to identify what was going on this time. Actually, I take it as quite a good sign, as a number of very wise people have said that this amount of fear is actually a clear indication that you are on the right track. Below is Emerson’s version.

What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it was at its height I decided to tackle it head-on and write down every thought that was going on. This became the start to my song ‘Come On, Get Real’, the first track on my EP ‘Getting Real’. Once I had written the various fears down, it became clear that I needed a response to these thoughts – I coulnd’t let them stand on their own. Somehow this evolved into my first rap-like song and it feels quite an apt way to respond to fearful thoughts. For those struggling with a fierce inner critic, the lyrics are below – you can use the rap parts to answer it!

Come On, Get Real Lyrics

You’re no good
Your songs aren’t fit,
Your voice is shaky,
You’re just not it.
Your playing’s rusty,
Call that a tune?
Come on, get real
You’ll give up soon.
You’re no good,
You won’t get heard,
To think you might
Is just absurd.
No, no one cares,
It’s not your fate,
Come on, get real,
It’s far too late.
While we all need some self regulation
We must free ourselves from inner strangulation,
If we don’t, we’ll get creative constipation
and live our lives by constant imitation.
Come on, get real…
If we have any artistic aspiration,
We must stop ourselves from inner resignation,
Let go and trust our imagination,
So our lives can be a creative celebration.
Come on, get real….
While we might fear harsh evaluation,
Condemnation, degradation or a loss of reputation;
Our own liberation can serve as inspiration,
Stimulation, motivation for societal transformation.
Come on, get real,
Come on make it real,
Come on, you’ll know how, 
Just do it now.
Just do it...
© Saraphir Camille Legind 2021

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